Oil and filter change

Why do we need to change oil?

Changing oil is considered an essential process for the proper functioning of a vehicle, as well as for its duration. What is the purpose of car oil? In short, an oil change is used to change the engine oil, which improves lubrication. By circulating inside the engine, the oil reduces friction between moving metal parts, which in the long run could lead to their degradation and damage to the engine. This lubrication also removes impurities from the engine, such as metal particles. Finally, the oil protects the system from corrosion and oxidation. It’s an essential element in maintaining the engine in good condition, as well as its durability.

Why is it advisable to change the oil regularly?

The more miles a vehicle travels, the more oil loses its initial viscosity and particle load, and the more it degrades. This is despite the use of the oil filter, which is supposed to filter out impurities. As a result, engine protection in terms of oxidation and contaminants is not sufficient. At present, it is advisable to change the oil in order to renew it and avoid the risk of failure.

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